David A. Ash

David Ash was born in Kent, England in 1948. One of eight children he was the second son Dr Michael and Joy Doreen Ash. David has been married three times and is father of nine children and grandfather of eleven.

David (with Peter Hewitt) is author of The Vortex: Key to Future Science, by Gateway books in 1990. He is also author of The New Science of the Spirit published in 1995 by the College of Psychic Studies in London. In the same year Kima Global Publishing of Cape Town published his book Activation for Ascension. Kima Global Publishing has published all his subsequent titles including: The New Physics of Consciousness and The Role of Evil in Human Evolution in 2007 and The Vortex Theory.

David travels the world speaking on the Vortex Theory and the Living Universe. He is also an accomplished musician and singer-song writer. David usually includes his music in his teaching programs and concludes his workshops with a Sacred Sabai Blessing which is a sung meditation based on a Thai style ceremony.

The HoloMed HoloGraphic Homeopathic and Photographic technology is based on David’s Speed-Subset and Simultaneous Living Theories which are a derivation of the ancient hermetic principle of multiple dimensional planetary planes and higher that the Einstein “c” constant Fibonacci light speed intervals.

In other words, the speed of light varies depending on the dimension of existence be occupied. The Soul or Astral higher dimensional bodies move faster than the speed of light and when captured using the HoloMed Photographic system a re-connection to that higher light speed body, then allows for faster download, projection and conversion of the person’s HoloCode anatomical blueprint database into physical form.

A faster HoloCode download allows for more of the individual’s HoloGraphic anatomical blueprint to be converted via the God particle into physical functional tissues, organs, glands and cells.

So we are simultaneously living in multiple dimensional variable light speed worlds, and if the connections are lost or degraded, then a loss of the projection and download speed occurs leading to death, organ breakdown and dis-ease of the body. Our 3 dimensional single light speed world only allows for a down load rate that is equal to the Einstein constant “c” which is 186,000 miles per second. The soul or higher dimensional body lives in a world that is going multiple times faster than the constant “c”.

In quantum mechanics quantum non-locality refers to the apparent instantaneous propagation of correlations between entangled systems, irrespective of their spatial separation.

Basically, the general “principle of locality” (Wikipedia ref.) requires that “for an action at one point to have an influence at another point, something in the space between the points, such as a field, must mediate the action”. In view of the theory of relativity, the speed at which such an action, interaction, or influence can be transmitted between distant points in space cannot supposedly exceed the speed of light. This formulation is also known as “Einstein locality” or “local relativistic causality”. It is often stated as “nothing can propagate faster than light, be it energy or merely information” or simply “no spooky action-at-a-distance”, as Einstein himself put it. For the past 20 years or so it has been referred to also as the “no-signaling” condition.

However, Einstein was wrong because many physicists now believe that light speed is variable and can go faster than Einstein’s relativistic theory predicts.

Based on the Quantum Non-Locality of light particle principle, if we take high definition photographs of a person, then the light particles from their higher dimensional body will be captured just as readily as we capture the light from their local lower dimensional body. Therefore, this can be a tool to reconnect and accelerate the download speed of their HoloCode blueprint projection rate because all particles are non-local and connected through out all dimensional levels.

The problem is that Miasms ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homeopathy ) and other mental, emotional and spiritual traumas can block the genetic conscious propagation of this code data information over time which leads to physical degradation and dis-ease manifestation.

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