HoloCode Selfie Water

Holocode Bottled Water Label 6x8.5 03.02.18

Professional Grade HoloCode SELFIE Water

employs the HoloGraphic Full Spectrum High Resolution capture, production and imprinting of a person’s SELFIE HoloImage or HoloCode at one of our HoloMed Facilities using High Megapixel and Medical Grade 3-D Cameras.

Consumer Grade HoloCode SELFIE Water

employs the HoloGraphic Low-Resolution Visible Spectrum Only capture, production and imprinting of a person’s SELFIE HoloImage or HoloCode using your own cell phone camera or another digital camera.


is based on the theoretical premise that the universe we live in is a HoloGraphic Projection or Simulation. This novel concept is supported by the work of numerous renowned physicists worldwide including: Stephen Hawking, Leonard Susskind, Juan Maldacena, Gerardus ‘t Hooft, Nassim Haramein and Yoshifumi Hyakutake, just to name a few.

In 1997, theoretical physicist Juan Maldacena proposed a bold new model of the Universe in which gravity results from infinitesimally thin, vibrating strings that can be re-translated in terms of well-accepted physics. The mathematically complex world of strings, which exist in nine dimensions of space and one of time, would be a holographic projection that is manifested in a simplified flat cosmos where gravity does not exist. Physicists from the Ibaraki University in Japan have now provided some of the clearest documentation to date that our Universe is just that one massive Hologram.

In addition, another noted researcher Masaru Emoto, the author of the best-selling books Messages from Water, The Hidden Messages in Water, The True Power of Water and Love Thyself discovered that water has the unique ability to physically manifest frequencies or vibrations into 3-D crystalline forms. “In his books, the first of which was published in 1999, Dr. Emoto, introduced the novel idea that water not only reflects the physical world around it (like when a placid lake or pond acts as a mirror), but it also reflects the consciousness and vibrational blueprint or frequency signature of the being(s) surrounding it.

The experiment he used to discover this included bottles filled with water that were exposed to either a positive or a negative influence.  For example, some bottles of water were wrapped with written notes, with the writing facing inside the bottle that said, “Thank You or I Love You”.  This was done in various languages.  No matter what language was used, the water in these bottles, when frozen, created complete crystals that were lovely to behold. Conversely, unpleasant, incomplete, and malformed crystals were created in water exposed to people saying or writing, “You fool,”, “I Hate You” or other negative expressions.

Emerging from these two fundamental principles, that the Universe, and our human form, is a holographic simulated projection, and that water can be imprinted with frequencies and vibrations, HOLOCODE ® SELFIE WATER was created. It is the brainchild of Keith R. DeOrio, MD, a Medical Doctor turned Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, who discovered that each and every person projects a unique energy signature of themselves into 3-dimensional reality. This unique energy signature or “Original SELFIE Source Code” stores all of the information required to generate the holographic image of oneself that is projected into holographic material reality via the Higgs Boson or “God Particle”.

The HoloMed HoloGraphic Homeopathic and Photographic technology is based on David Ash’s Speed-Subset and Simultaneous Living Theories which are a derivation of the ancient hermetic principle of multiple dimensional planetary planes and higher that the Einstein “c” constant Fibonacci light speed intervals.

In other words, the speed of light varies depending on the dimension of existence be occupied. The Soul or Astral higher dimensional bodies move faster than the speed of light and when captured using the HoloMed Photographic system a re-connection to that higher light speed body, then allows for faster download, projection and conversion of the person’s HoloCode anatomical blueprint database into physical form.

A faster HoloCode download allows for more of the individual’s HoloGraphic anatomical blueprint to be converted via the God particle into physical functional tissues, organs, glands and cells.

So we are simultaneously living in multiple dimensional variable light speed worlds, and if the connections are lost or degraded, then a loss of the projection and download speed occurs leading to death, organ breakdown and dis-ease of the body. Our 3 dimensional single light speed world only allows for a down load rate that is equal to the Einstein constant “c” which is a 186,00 miles per second. The soul or higher dimensional body lives in a world that is going multiple times faster than the constant “c”.

In quantum mechanics quantum non-locality refers to the apparent instantaneous propagation of correlations between entangled systems, irrespective of their spatial separation.

Basically, the general “principle of locality” (Wikipedia ref.) requires that “for an action at one point to have an influence at another point, something in the space between the points, such as a field, must mediate the action”. In view of the theory of relativity, the speed at which such an action, interaction, or influence can be transmitted between distant points in space cannot supposedly exceed the speed of light. This formulation is also known as “Einstein locality” or “local relativistic causality”. It is often stated as “nothing can propagate faster than light, be it energy or merely information” or simply “no spooky action-at-a-distance”, as Einstein himself put it. For the past 20 years or so it has been referred to also as the “no-signaling” condition.

However, Einstein was wrong because many physicists now believe that light speed is variable and can go faster than Einstein’s relativistic theory predicts.

Based on the Quantum Non-Locality of light particle principle

if we take high definition photographs of a person, then the light particles from their higher dimensional body will be captured just as readily as we capture the light from their local lower dimensional body. Therefore, this can be a tool to reconnect and accelerate the download speed of their HoloCode blueprint projection rate because all particles are non-local and connected through out all dimensional levels.

The problem is that Miasms ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homeopathy ) and other mental, emotional and spiritual traumas can block the genetic conscious propagation of this code data information over time which leads to physical degradation and dis-ease manifestation.

This methodology also forms the basis for the new field of HoloGraphic Homeopathy in which the ultimate “Similimum” or Similia Similibus Curantur [L., likes are cured by likes] is digitally captured, computer generated and homeopathically utilized for deep constitutional healing. Nothing can be closer to a “Like Cures Like” property than the frequency signature or photonic blueprint of the person themselves!

This high resolution, low emittance image is captured using the high megapixel camera now built into every latest generation smart phone. After a person captures their “SELFIE”, that image (video) is then played into the HOLOCODE ® SELFIE BOTTLED WATER.

HOLOCODE ® SELFIE WATER has been Ultra-Purified of all contaminants, both chemically and vibrationally, using proprietary methods, and then super-infused with oxygen. This purification and super-oxygenation process restores the water to a more primal state in which toxins and negative vibrations have been eliminated and neutralize so that the water is now a “Clean Slate” for optimum imprinting of one’s original Selfie source code. This original Selfie source code or “HOLOCODE” ® helps to restore and correct aberration or corruption of one’s holographic projection. This occurs because the original source code is typically free of deficits caused by the aging process, injury or other forms of traumatic insult or damage, and therefore, remains an accurate template that can be used for self-image re-pixelation and projection into our holographic world simulation.

Directions: Using the high resolution camera on your smart phone, take approximately a 5 minute Selfie of yourself. The Selfie can be of the entire body or just your face only. The face must be included in the Selfie. Take the Selfie using the highest resolution setting on your phone. Usually, the highest setting is denoted as HDR or High Definition Resolution. The higher the megapixels the better the absolute capture rate of your HoloCode image (See www.drvapeusa.com for a more detailed explanation of the HOLOCODE ® SELFIE WATER concept).

Once your Selfie is captured, play the video to the bottled water by leaning your smart phone against the HOLOCODE ® SELFIE WATER BOTTLE in the designated area between the two label ends as indicated by the arrows. Play the full video for the entire 5 minutes to the optimized water. The water will become imprinted with your HOLOCODE ®. Once complete, the water is now ready to drink. The starting dosage of Selfie water is 1 to 2 cups per day for every 75 lbs of body weight. So if you weigh 150 lbs, then drink 2 to 4 cups per day. If you experience headaches, fatigue or other detoxification side effects, reduce daily consumption by 50% or stop the water entirely for a few days in order to allow the body to catch up to the new healthier you being downloaded and re-projected.

Repeat your HoloCode Selfie Video Capture, using your smart phone, once per week. Always update your Selfie weekly and remember to delete the previous week’s video so it can’t be used again to imprint the water.

This “Selfie” water consumption process helps to “defragment” your personal hard drive similar to the process used to clean up and organize your computer’s hard drive when it becomes bogged down from fragmented, corrupted or entirely missing files. It helps to restore definition or pixelation to your holo-projection when resolution is lost from life stressors and environmental traumas, such as, EMF exposure, chemical toxins and pollution, negative societal pressures and toxic human interactions and emotions.